Components of an online course

This article posted in US News and World Report - Education gives an outline of the 4 basic components of an online course.

1. The learning management system - web-based software that provides a medium for educators to place the course content, assessments, discussions, grades, etc.     There are several learning management systems (LMS) available to educators/institutions.     Here is a list of several common LMS   Blackboard , Moodle , Desire2Learn , Google Classroom and Canvas.

2. Course materials - students are exposed to a variety of course materials or content. They may include, but are not limited to, textbooks, eBooks, videos, podcasts, PowerPoint presentations, instructor made instructional lessons, etc.

3. Assignments - in addition to reading/watching the course content, there is often an assignment that is associated with the content/lesson.   Along with the assignments, there are due dates.   The assignments may consist of the students answering questions, applying the content, working in a group on a project, etc.

4. Assessments - in addition to the assignments that are often graded, there may be online tests or quizzes.   Also, students may be assigned a paper to write that will be submitted through the LMS.   Once an item is graded by the instructor, students will see their grades and any feedback that the instructor provided.