How to

Teach Online:

Strategies and Tips

Dr. Joseph  Zisk

Are you thinking of putting your courses online or putting an entire school program online? I can help you and/or your teachers/instructors implement online teaching.

Consultation is for course design and what you will need to put on the web/learning management system to create a learning environment for your students. Each learning management system (LMS) has it own structure, therefore the focus of our discussion will be on course design, strategies that promote student engagement, and assessment strategies. I can help find you resources for you to learn your LMS if needed. Here is a link for Information on learning management system and 4 basic components for an online course.

Items that we can discuss

·         Examine the advantages and disadvantages of online learning

·         Explain the importance of aligning course objectives, course activities, and assessments

·         Develop and present content in ways to promote student engagement

·         Develop student-centered learning activities

·         Apply effective strategies for assessing students’ work

·         Describe various strategies to effectively teach online

·         Course management and learning management systems for online teaching and course development

Joseph Zisk, Ed.D.
Professor/Teaching and Learning Center Director
Department of Secondary Education & Administrative Leadership
250 University Ave
California University of Pennsylvania
California PA 15419

About Joe Zisk

Joseph Zisk, Ed.D. has experience in online course development and teaching.  In addition, he was a high school science teacher and recipient of several teaching awards.  He was a K-12 technology supervisor and led a community-wide action plan to implement computer technology in the district’s teaching and learning.   He is currently a university professor where he has received the Faculty Professional Development Technology Award and the University President Faculty Service Award.  Joe has conducted workshops and he has presented at conferences about strategies for teaching online.  He has an Advanced Online Teaching Certificate from the nationally recognized Online Learning Consortium (formerly The Sloan Consortium). His area of interest is using instructional videos and using audio/video feedback to students.  He is a Quality Matters reviewer and had QM course recognition. Currently, he is the director of the university Teaching and Learning Center and teaches online courses.  As director of the Teaching and Learning Center, Dr. Zisk provides and coordinates training for faculty.

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